Practice Areas

Most of our practice is litigation. Our appellate practice is extensive. We represent parties in civil appeals as well as appeals of criminal cases.

We represent aggrieved parties in civil rights cases in federal and state courts. These cases usually involve serious situations in which someone has suffered an injury due to a violation of constitutional or statutory rights. We also handle cases involving entitlement to federal and state benefits and federal grants.

Some of our past cases have, for example, involved the federal Freedom of Information Act, the California Public Records Act, the California Brown Act, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the False Claims Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the federal Medicaid Act, and the California Medi-Cal Act.

We represent parties in First Amendment and free speech and assembly cases and parties who have suffered from discrimination for exercising their rights. We also represent and counsel artists, including photographers.

Many lawyers come to us for assistance. We have advised other attorneys and represented attorneys seeking court awarded attorney's fees. We have represented lawyers in disputes with other lawyers.

We represent other professionals, as well, in connection with licensing matters and personnel matters. And we have represented numerous university and college professors in connection with a broad range of problems that come up in the university situation, including tenure matters, intellectual property matters, compliance with regulations and policies, and responsibilities imposed by extramural grants.

One of our subspecialties is representing drug treatment and recovery programs, clients, and patients. We handle matters involving a broad range of issues that arise in connection with federal, state and local regulations and requirements, including discrimination against individuals in treatment programs and the recovery process.

We like our work. As you can see it covers a broad range of areas. We enjoy working with our clients.

Please note, however, that we can only promise that we will do our best for our clients. We can not guarantee results or specific outcomes.